All the racing takes place within the bay of Hout Bay. We start on the west side of the beach next to the harbour wall by Mariners Wharf.

Hout Bay offers a good safe water to paddle, with the shore line shaped like a horse shoe. When the wind blows it mostly blows onshore and the water temperature ranges between 14.1 C to 17.2 C.

We venture out of the bay once or twice to take on the classic Vulcan Rock course.

Hout bay is a 20 minute drive from the Cape Town city centre, almost halfway between Cape Town and Cape Point. Houtbaai, named by Dutch explorers, literally translated means Wood Bay.

Latitude: -34.030746 Longitude 18.350962

Hout Bay Climate: Moderate with average maximum around 28C, Winter from May to August average minimum 7C

The Hout Bay harbour is the 9th most visited tourist attraction in Cape Town and includes a yacht and boat marina, a working fishing fleet (and factories), a craft market, Mariners Wharf and a couple of fish and chip outlets.

Leaderboard Long Short
Seniors Steve Farrell 895.93
Ladies Bianca Beavitt 600.00
Veterans Graeme Soloman 900.00
Masters Nick Rockey 899.45
Grand Master Johann van Blerck 900.00
Juniors Dominic Notten 100.00
Overall Mens Doubles Marc Cloete 674.25
Overall Mens Doubles Barry Penn 674.25
Mixed Doubles David Murray-Smith 688.48
Mixed Doubles Michele Leach-Lewis 688.48